Sabrient Quantitative Investment Research

Sabrient's suite of products and services can be used individually or together, customized or "out of the box" to solve myriad problems facing asset managers, hedge fund managers, broker/dealers or financial advisors.

Unbiased Independent Research Reports for all Market Participants

Sabrient translates its quantitative analyses into attractive, reader-friendly SmartStock reports on over 5,500 stocks every week, with a Buy/Hold/Sell rating, expanded discussion, charts, and market analysis, showing how a company stacks up against the market, its sector, and its peers. Itís a powerful tool for investment professionals and individual investors alike.

Top-ranked Long Selections to Enhance your Own or your Clientís Portfolio

In our SmartRank scorecards or SmartLink Pro, Sabrient offers top-ranked long selections segmented by trading style and market cap. And their track record of performance is superb. SmartRank offers the full functionality of an Excel spreadsheet, offering you the ability to weight individual filters to your preferences, while SmartLink Pro provides a streamlined web app where you can request the top picks of individual or combined style/cap categories.

Hidden Gems in the Small-cap and Micro-cap Universe

Over seventy percent of Nasdaq stocks have no research coverage of any kind; yet Nasdaq is the home of those smaller-cap stocks that have the potential to turn in triple-digit performance. Sabrient covers that market with our small-cap and micro-cap SmartRank scorecards and SmartLink Pro.

Index Rankings and Sector ETFs

If your portfolio strategy includes index-enhancement, sector rotation or hedging, check out our SmartRank index and ETF scorecards. We look under the hood of the major indices and sector ETFs to show you which issues have the underlying attributes that the market is rewarding. We also publish an Industry Group scorecard which ranks the S&P GICS industry groups.

Opportunities for Hedging or Long/Short Strategies

Sabrient filters are used to extract the stocks that are being "punished" or ignored by the market. These short selections are published on the SmartRank Short scorecard for those with hedging or long/short strategies.

Custom Scorecards for your Portfolio or Universe of Interest

We can employ the Sabrient methodology to rank the stocks in a universe of your choosing. This customized scorecard can help you identify opportunities for over- and under-weighting in your current portfolio to improve your overall return.

High-performing Portfolio Strategies

Sabrient can help the investment manager develop and test high-performing portfolio strategies — including long-only, long/short, or enhanced index — based upon scorecard selections, individual filters, or combinations of filters applied to a given universe of stocks.

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