The only way to do better than the market is to have a way of interpreting the data that is different from other peopleís.

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Sabrient is here to educate and inform you about the market and individual stocks -- and to actively help you make money.

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In a Fog . . .
What the Market Wants
By David Brown, Chief Market Strategist
September 8, 2009
The market spent the month of August in a fog of mixed and contradictory economic results, often moving up on negative news and down on positive news. Last week was no exception, and itís doubtful whether weíll get any improved visibility this week, either. . . read more >>

Calling Active Traders . . .
Free Trade Alerts Extended
The trading alerts for our Sabrient Select Opportunity Portfolio have been extended . . .

Learn more about the Sabrient Select Opportunity Portfolio -- and sign up for the Free Trial.

Does This ETF Know It All?

From Motley Fool: "The Claymore Sabrient Insider ETF (NFO) follows a somewhat unusual strategy. Like most ETFs, its mission is to track an index of stocks. What makes the ETF special, though, is the particular index it tracks.

Although its exact selection process is proprietary, the Sabrient Insider Sentiment Index chooses 100 stocks that have healthy signs of insider buying as well as a history of rising analyst earnings estimates.

After a rocky start, the stock market has generally done fairly well so far this year. But the Claymore ETF has succeeded in choosing index components that have put in some truly extraordinary performance. Just take a look at this short list . . ." (read more at

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Investor's (H)Edge Long Positions Up 53% (9/01/09)

Our Top Stocks
Up 22.1%!
Sabrientís "Baker's Dozen" Top Stocks for 2009 are up +22.1% YTD vs. the SPY up +11.9%.

You can see the whole the list HERE. Note the big winners: DRC (+78.6%), AMG (+52.4%), JOYG (+69.6%) and one of our speculative bonus picks, TTES (+86.1%)!

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